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About Tom Donovan Editions

Founded in 2006, Tom Donovan Editions is a publishing house based in Brighton, England, that specialises in books relating to British military history, particularly the two world wars and the Indian Army. Tom Donovan, the founder, has an established reputation going back over thirty years both as a publisher and as a dealer in antiquarian military books. His experience in both the new and the used book markets are combined in this venture that seeks to produce books of a superior quality that have academic value and probity and that are also highly collectable.

At the heart of Tom Donovan Editions is The Scholars’ Collection. This is a series of limited editions that are either being published for the first time or, if previously published, are very rare in the original edition. The General Editor for the series is the pre-eminent British military historian, Brian Bond. Our distinguished editorial panel selects only the finest works, beginning with four important works relating to the First World War and all volumes include an introduction and contextual notes by a professional historian working in an appropriate field. Volumes in this series are numbered limited editions sewn in cloth bindings, printed on fine paper and presented in a matching cloth slipcase. In addition, appealing artwork has been specially commissioned for the dust jackets of this series which will further enhance their collectability.

The Bibliography Series will form in due course the first systematic, fully annotated bibliography of various conflicts, starting again with aspects of the First World War, but moving on to other areas. This series will cover topics such as First World War memorial volumes, Great War personal memoirs, etc. The Bibliography Series will be of the usual high quality associated with Tom Donovan Editions but will not be limited editions. The first volume of this series, In Memoriam: A Bibliography of Personal Memorial Volumes of the Great War 1914-1918, will be available from 30 November 2015.

Special Editions will from time to time cover an eclectic mix of subjects that the editors consider worthy of publication in this format. The aim is to be opportunistic in terms of material and timing. Our first publication in this category was published in November 2010. The Indian Order of Merit Vol.I by Cliff Parrett and Rana Chhina covers the period 1837-1860 and represents the definitive historical record of the Indian Order of Merit and its recipients. Our second publication in this category, They Gave Us Each A Medal by the late Captain Tim Ash, was published in November 2012. On 26 October 2014 we published The Indian Corps on the Western Front: A Handbook and Battlefield Guide. This book was written by Simon Doherty and Tom Donovan and was published in paperback and hardback - although only paperbacks are currently available.

Our latest Special Edition publication, due to be available from 30 November 2015 is The Auxiliary Force India and its predecessors by the late Alan Harfield. This is a history of the volunteer service in India from its earliest days to the organised arrangements that followed the Indian Mutiny, then the creation of the AFI in 1920 through to its demise with the granting of Independence in 1947.