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Professor Brian Bond

Tom Donovan Editions’ General Editor, Professor Brian Bond, is the acknowledged ‘Father’ of modern military history in Great Britain. During his distinguished career he has steered the thinking of a generation of military historians and his list of critically acclaimed works bears testimony to his expertise in a wide range of subjects.

Brian retired as Professor of Military History at King’s College, London, in 2001 after thirty-five years in the Department of War Studies. He enjoyed teaching at both BA and MA levels and guided nearly fifty scholars to their doctorates. Many of his former students are now the leading lights in a new generation of military historians

After national service in the Royal Artillery, Brian read History at Worcester College, Oxford, and became a military historian thanks mainly to the help of two distinguished mentors, Sir Basil Liddell Hart and Sir Michael Howard.

In 2000 he was Visiting Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford, where he prepared the Lees Knowles Lectures, later delivered at Trinity College, Cambridge, and published as The Unquiet Western Front: Britain’s Role in Literature and History.

Brian’s early academic career focused on the later Victorian Army on which he was a pioneer or trailblazer in a then neglected subject. He exploited the newly opened archives to write a book on British Military Policy between the Two World Wars (1980), and several accounts of the war in France and Belgium in 1940. Wider historical surveys have included War and Society in Europe 1870-1970 (1984), and The Pursuit of Victory: From Napoleon to Saddam Hussein (1996). He has always been deeply interested in the First World War: contributing the chapter on it in the New Cambridge Modern History (Vol. XII); teaching ‘Gallipoli’ as a special subject for many years; conducting battlefield tours; and editing the seminal historical survey The First World War and British Military History (1991). His latest book, Survivors of a Kind: Memoirs of the Western Front, including studies of Graves, Blunden, Sassoon and several other less famous authors, was published by Continuum in 2008.

Brian is married and has lived nearly all his life in Medmenham, Buckinghamshire, England.