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John Booth

The dust wrapper for the first four Scholars' Edition publications by Tom Donovan Editions, are based on original etchings produced by John Booth. John has worked with us since the company's foundation in 2006. He is not only an accomplished artist in his own right but also has an abiding interest in the artists of the 1920s, 30s and 40s, who have so influenced our artistic view of the two main conflicts of the twentieth century.

John Booth’s prints combine a figurative approach to drawing with the mark-making techniques unique to etching and aquatint. His images are sometimes realistic, sometimes abstract, depending on the degree to which the etching process is allowed to intrude.

John sketches from life, taking steel plates out into the landscape to use as a painter would use oils and canvas. Back in the studio etching acid, etching techniques and time are allowed to modify the plates so that the final images owe as much to the etching process as to the original drawing.

Spring Tide
The Downs

As well as his landscape work, John is also known for his dream images, representing symbolic landscapes of the unconscious. He chooses dreams that have inexplicable meanings; the ambivalent nature of the imagery allows the viewers to form their own interpretation.

John follows the historic intaglio methods of the fine art printmaking tradition that are experiencing a renaissance in the current art world. He hand-prints his etchings, indented into oversized laid paper and supplies the prints ready for trimming and framing in strictly limited editions.

John has been a practising artist for the last thirty years. After graduating with an MA from the Royal College of Art he pursued a career as a film director for twenty years, travelling the world to make documentaries, commercials and music videos. At the same time he painted oils and watercolours, holding exhibitions in places as diverse as Lamu Kenya, Miami USA and Athens, Greece.

The Downs from Fulking

John has had two solo Open House exhibitions in the Brighton Arts Festival, his work was selected for the 2005 Royal Academy Summer Show and he exhibited in the Affordable Arts Fair, London 2005. He is represented by Britart in the UK and Absoluteart in the USA.

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